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Prof. Corrado Tringali graduated in Chemistry on July 10th, 1973, summa cum laude; he is at present:
 Full Professor in Organic Chemistry (Courses of Organic Chemistry, Natural Products Chemistry and Physical Methods in Organic Chemistry) at the University of Catania.
 Member of the Board of the International Doctorate in Chemistry at the University of Catania.
 Member of the Quality Assurance Group for the Master of Science in ‘Chemical Sciences’, curriculum 'Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry'.
 Member of the Management Committee for the NMR Spectrometer at the Department of Chemical Sciences, University of Catania.
Previous assignments:
 Member of the Scientific Committee of the “International Summer School on Natural Products “Luigi Minale” and “Ernesto Fattorusso”
 Member of the Joint Committee for Education (Commissione Paritetica per la Didattica) of the Department of Chemical Sciences, University of Catania
 Coordinator of the Management Committee for the NMR Spectrometer at the Department of Chemical Sciences, University of Catania (2000 – 2013).
 Chairman of the International PhD (Doctorate) Course in Chemistry at the University of Catania (Cycles XXII - XXIV; academic years 2006 - 2011);
 Chairman of the Research Commission of the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences in Catania (2011 – 2013).
 Member of the Board of Directors in the National Consortium for the Chemistry of Bioorganic processes and Applications (as representative of the University of Catania).
 Member of the Management Committee for the II Level Master in Drug Delivery (Formazione di ricercatori per la specifica preparazione nel settore delle tecnologie avanzate in Drug Delivery)
His main research fields are:
 chemo-enzymatic and biomimetic synthesis of analogues of bioactive natural products;
 isolation and characterization of antioxidant/antitumor/antidiabetic natural products from agro-industrial biomasses and from plants of medicinal/industrial interest.
 He has been trained in bioassay-guided purification methods at the laboratory of prof. K. Hostettmann (Ècole de Pharmacie - Lausanne University) as well as in modern NMR techniques at the laboratory of prof. E. Breitmaier (Institute für Organische Chemie und Biochemie - Bonn University).
 In the frame of his research activity, he has carried out many interdisciplinary research studies based on national and international collaborations, among others, with Profs. K. Hostettmann (University of Lausanne, Switzerland), E. Breitmayer (University of Bonn, Germany), M.S.J. Simmonds (Kew Gardens, London, UK), J.F. Verbist and C. Roussakis (University of Nantes, France), O. Soder (Karolinska Inst., Stockolm, Sweden), E. Fattorusso (University of Naples), N. Latruffe (Université de Bourgogne - France), Dr. G. Srinivas (Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Science and Technology, Kerala, India); Prof. A. Di Pietro (Université de Lyon, France), Prof. S. A. Rotenberg (Queen’s College, New York, USA); Dr. H. Lin (National University of Singapore - Singapore); Prof. D. Delmas (Université de Bourgogne, Dijon, France), Prof. D. Watt (University of Kentucky, USA).
 at present, he is carrying out collaborative projects with Profs.: S. Quideau (University of Bordeaux, France), G. Valdameri (Federal University of Parana at Curitiba, Brazil) A. Oskarsson, J. Lundqvist (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden), M. Radić Stojković (Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb, Croatia), G. Bifulco A. Casapullo and R. Riccio, (Università di Salerno, Italy), M. Spinaci (University of Bologna).
 He has lectured to Master courses in agricultural and oncology studies, namely:
 a) Produzioni agrarie intensive per nuove esigenze di mercato’ (Proprietà salutistiche di alimenti mediterranei);
 b) Progettazione e Diagnostica Molecolare in Oncologia (Composti ad attività antitumorale ispirati dalla Natura)
 He has been invited to lectures in a number of National and International Symposia or Doctorate Schools.
 He is author or co-author of 132 original papers on international journals, among them invited reviews and chapters for the books ‘"Modern methods of Plant Analysis, vol XII" (1991), ‘Current Topics in Phytochemistry, vol 4’ (2000), ‘Studies in Natural Products Chemistry, vol 28’ (2003) and ‘Targets in Heterocyclic Systems’ (2007).
 He was invited by Taylor & Francis – CRC Press publishers as the Editor (and co-author) of the book Bioactive Compounds from Natural Sources: Isolation, Structure Determination and Biological Properties. (2001). This volume has been considered a ‘best-seller’ and a Second Edition, with the subtitle Natural Products as Lead Compounds in Drug Discovery, has been published in 2012.
 Prof. C. Tringali has received financial support from PON03PE_00216_1, (project: Drug Delivery: veicoli per un’innovazione sostenibile), POR FESR Sicilia 2007-2013 (project ‘Health and Life Sciences’), from the University of Catania, from CNR (Rome), from the ‘Regione Sicilia’ (Palermo) and from MIUR (Rome), this latter as Scientific Coordinator of Research Unit in various National Research Projects (PRIN) guided by Prof. E. Fattorusso (University of Naples) from 1998 to 2007 and by Prof. R. Riccio in the period 2009-2012, and more recently 2015-2017. And He has obtained financial support also from Pharmaceutical and other Industries (Wyeth-Lederle, Bausch & Lomb, BIONAP, Silvateam-CRCF, NOKA).
 He has been consulted as evaluator for a position of Assistant Professor (tenure track) at the Department of Pharmacy, National University of Singapore (Singapore), and for a position of Professor (Full Professor) in Organic Chemistry at the Yarmouk University (Jordan).
 He is regularly consulted as referee by the following international journals: Food Chemistry (top 10th outstanding reviewer 2017-2018), Fitoterapia (top 10th outstanding reviewer 2013-14), ACS Omega, Chemistry, New Journal of Chemistry, Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis, European Journal of Organic Chemistry, Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry, Tetrahedron Letters, Frontiers in Pharmacology, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry Communications, Anti-cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, E-journal of Chemistry, Letters in Organic Chemistry, Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry, ChemMedChem, Journal of Natural Products, Natural Product Research, Natural Products Communications, The natural Products Journal, Phytochemistry, Phytochemical Analysis, Phytochemistry Reviews, Phytomedicine, Planta Medica, Steroids, Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Chemico-Biological Interactions, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, LWT-Journal of Food Science and Technology, Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, International Journal of Food Science & Technology, Food and Chemical Toxicology, Waste and Biomass Valorization, CAB Reviews, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, Journal of Separation Science, Journal of Chromatography B, Archiv der Pharmazie, Pharmaceutical Biology, Journal of Applied Microbiology, Biomembranes, Letters in Drug Design & Discovery, Molecules, Marine Drugs, Drug and Chemical Toxicology, International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Analytical Methods in Chemistry, Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology.
 He has been consulted as pre-examiner of Doctoral Dissertation by the University of Helsinki for the following candidates:
o Anti Hoikkala (10.5.2016),
o Harri Latva-Mäenpää (11.04.2017)
 He has been consulted as referee in the evaluation of the quality of research products by the CIRV (National Committee for Research Evaluation, Rome, Italy) and by the ANVUR (National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes, Rome Italy)
 He has been consulted as referee in the evaluation process of research projects to assign financial grants by the following national and international organizations:
o MIUR (Ministry of University and Research, Rome, Italy),
o Regione Piemonte (Italy),
o Regione Emilia-Romagna (Italy)
o Research Corporation (Tucson, Arizona, USA),
o Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (Czech Republic)
o Romanian National Council for Development and Innovation (Romania)
o Estonian Research Council (Estonia)